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Thank you for tuning in. This was our second annual meeting. Our inaugural meeting held live in Amsterdam in 2019 was extremely successful and received high praise from the 137 attendees from 23 countries. We wanted to continue a live meeting in 2020, but we all know COVID has changed our world as we knew it, at least for a while longer.

Our goal is to deliver a highly scientific view of glaucoma diagnosis and treatment; by intention it is likely to be less clinical and more scientific than one is likely to encounter in other meetings. We want to spark useful dialogues, which was easy when we had fewer than 200 attendees and may be harder with the 1000 attendees we have for this meeting, but well worth striving for. Be assured that we will continue to find the best avenue to impart summarized scientific information about glaucoma with the understanding that some of it may be more useful in clinic, while the rest may be more speculative, providing a peek into the future of glaucoma treatment.

This meeting is part of a coordinated effort with our other endeavors, including numerous Kugler publications where one will find the World Glaucoma Association Consensus Series, the New Concepts in Glaucoma series, a surgery book by John and Ike Ahmed, and a large volume on the history of glaucoma. Several books on corneal measurements are also found in this group. Realizing that the virtual format is a first go for us, we welcome constructive criticism on how we can improve. Hosting this first online meeting at no charge is a source of pride for us. Hopefully we will set up both online and live meetings in the future. We will adapt as necessary to bring out useful information for glaucoma doctors. No one type of meeting is better than another: be they small or large, participative or closed, adaptable and pliable or structured, we firmly believe we all benefit from a wide variety of meetings.

We have provided vehicles to give us feedback and truly welcome it. Please let us know what worked for you and how we can improve this experience.

John R. Samples & Ernst Tamm
Congress Co-Chairs

To see some of the highlights of AGRCS2020 Online please visit our AGRCS2020 Online Video Archive, browse through our program, meet our amazing faculty or download the programbook.

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