Program AGRCS2022

The program for our fourth meeting promises to be very exciting with the goal to deliver you a highly scientific view of glaucoma diagnosis and treatment.

We changed the format slightly as a result of the feedback we received after AGRCS2020 & AGRCS2021: Each of the three days now consist of 3 sessions. A session consists of five 15-minute talks and ends with one combined Q&A and discussion session with all presenters.

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Friday, December 9, 2022
14:00-19:10h CET
Day 1
14:00-14:10 Welcome & Introduction
14:10-15:45 Session 1
14:10-14:25 The basic understanding of outflow structures
Ernst Tamm
14:25-14:40 Sustained IOP reduction with Stanniocalcin-1
Mike Fautsch
14:40-14:55 Review of Glaukos' current and future MIGS
Doug Crimaldi
14:55-15:10 Clinical applications of stem cells
Markus Kuehn
15:10-15:25 Practical aspects of the thin cornea and IOP measurements
Michael Giovingo
15:25-15:45 Panel + Q&A
15:45-16:00 Break
16:00-17:35 Session 2
16:00-16:15 The dynamic anatomy of the angle
Shan Lin
16:15-16:30 A valved proximal and distal outflow system regulates aqueous flow
Murray Johnstone
16:30-16:45 A central role for nitric oxide in IOP homeostasis
Dan Stamer
16:45-17:00 Role of mechanotransduction in TM biology and outflow regulation
David Krizaj
17:00-17:15 The microRNAs of the meshwork
Colin Willoughby  
17:15-17:35 Panel + Q&A
17:35-17:50 Break
17:50-19:25 Session 3
17:50-18:05 Myocilin mutations and glaucoma
Jie Zheng
18:05-18:20 Optic nerve head structure – Clinical versus OCT Anatomic Paradigms
Claude Burgoyne
18:20-18:35 Strategies to assess the robustness of the optic nerve head
Mike Girard
18:35-18:50 Nocturnal IOP
Barbara Wirostko
18:50-19:10 Panel + Q&A
Saturday, December 10, 2022
14:00-19:10h CET
Day 2
14:00-14:10 Welcome & Introduction
14:10-15:45 Session 4
14:10-14:25 Global prevalence of glaucoma
Rupert Bourne
14:25-14:40 Thrombospondin_1 in Steroid-Induced Ocular Hypertension
Haiyan Gong
14:40-14:55 New prostanoids
Naj Sharif
14:55-15:10 The toxicity of preservatives
Andrew Tatham
15:10-15:25 Update on OCT angiography in glaucoma
David Huang
15:25-15:45 Panel + Q&A
15:45-16:00 Break
16:00-17:35 Session 5
16:00-16:15 Improving the power of visual field analysis
Don Budenz
16:15-16:30 The fluctuation of the intraocular pressure
Carol Toris
16:30-16:45 Subconjunctival lymphatic outflow and implications in glaucoma management
Alex Huang
16:45-17:00 Idiopathic elevated episcleral venous pressure
Peter Netland
17:00-17:15 Structure-function relationships in aqueous outflow: Where we have come from since 1983
Thom Freddo
17:15-17:35 Panel + Q&A
17:35-17:50 Break
17:50-19:25 Session 6
17:50-18:05 The light trial
Gus Gazzard
18:05-18:20 How does hyperthermia of the meshwork have an effect?
Giorgio Dorin
18:20-18:35 The efficacy of micropulse cyclophoto
Mike Giovingo
18:35-18:50 Cyclophoto
Richard Lee
18:50-19:10 Panel + Q&A
Sunday, December 11, 2022
14:00-17:35h CET
Day 3
14:00-14:10 Welcome & Introduction
14:10-15:45 Session 7
14:10-14:25 Practical aspects of laser iridotomy and angle closure management
Sunita Radhakrishnan
14:25-14:40 Critically thinking about MIGS
Tony Fea
14:40-14:55 Recently released and not yet to market MIGS
Mike Giovingo
14:55-15:10 Rescuing the failing XEN implant
Davinder Grover & Ron Fellman
15:10-15:25 Fighting fibrosis in glaucoma
Colin Willoughby
15:25-15:45 Panel + Q&A
15:45-16:00 Break
16:00-17:50 Session 8
16:00-16:15 GATT through a PKP
Andrew Pouw
16:15-16:30 Choosing an appropriate MIGS approach: The universe of devices
Tony Fea
16:30-16:45 Canal stents
Kaweh Mansouri
16:45-17:00 GATT update with correlation of HD OCT angle micro anatomy with canal surgery
Ron Fellman
17:00-17:15 Drainage implant surgery in pediatric glaucoma management
Peter Netland
17:15-17:30 Methods of bypassing the canal
Verena Prokosch
17:30-17:50 Panel + Q&A

Learning objectives

  • Improve your ability to treat glaucoma based on new research findings, drug and device development(s).
  • Introduce newest techniques, how it could affect previous best practices
  • Identify newest research and future directions
  • Updates on MIGS
  • Updates on newest and pipeline drugs and their underlying modes of action
  • Learn about the newest, often unpublished trabecular meshwork, optic nerve, uveal scleral & other outflow research
  • Discuss the implications of this new research on Glaucoma drug and device development
  • Promote increased opportunities for collaborative scientific research and publications, provide a collegial environment and encourage new investigators

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