How to record your presentation with Zoom

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    1. Download and install Zoom on your computer or tablet
      Zoom Client for meetings


    1. Start Zoom and click on ‘New Meeting’.


    1. Make sure your audio and video are switched on and are working.


    1. Check preferences (use this also for when audio and/or camera are not working)


    1. Make sure you have enabled Zoom to record your video during screening.

    1. Click Share Screen (this button is situated at the top or bottom of your Zoom window)


    1. Select the window containing your presentation.


    1. Click on the button ‘Share’, Zoom will still be visible at the top of the screen you are sharing.


    1. Start your presentation/ show slide show.
      make sure you’ve entered full presentation mode

    1. Click ‘Record on this computer’ in the menu at the top of your screen, this option is under ‘More’


    1. Give your presentation.


    1. Stop recording, stop sharing screen, stop meeting.


    1. Once you’ve stopped the meeting, Zoom will automatically open the directory containing the .mp4 video.


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