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Ted S.
United States

Dr. Acott is Research Professor of Ophthalmology and of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health & Science University, OR, USA. His team’s long-term research interests are centered on identifying therapeutic targets to treat glaucoma via lowering intraocular pressure. They have recently identified the homeostatic mechanism of intraocular pressure, which normally maintains the aqueous humor outflow resistance at the appropriate levels, protecting most people from ever developing glaucoma. In addition, they have been studying the molecular and biomechanical properties that are responsible for this homeostatic mechanism and for maintaining the highly segmental nature of aqueous humor outflow. Their work has recently demonstrated that the IOP homeostatic mechanism is compromised in glaucoma, and both high and low segmental flow regions exhibit different biomechanical and flow properties. The team has also identified individual extracellular matrix proteins that may be important therapeutic targets in the treatment of glaucoma.

Casey Eye Institute, Portland, OR, USA

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