Targeting the adenosine A1 receptor in the eye with trabodenoson, an adenosine mimetic


Cadmus C. Rich

David S. Albers

James A. Gow

Rudolf A. Baumgartner

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Purinergic signaling pathways are becoming increasingly recognized in ophthalmology as a potential therapeutic target. Trabodenoson, an adenosine mimetic that is highly specific for the adenosine A1 subreceptor (A1R), is one such novel therapeutic. In this chapter, the trabodenoson biology, preclinical, and clinical data is reviewed, and its intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering effect for the treatment of glaucoma as well as its potential for neuroprotection by either enhancing function or protecting RGCs and the optic nerve from glaucomatous damage is discussed.

Glaucoma Research 2018-2020, pp. 241-256 #17
Edited by: John R. Samples and Paul A. Knepper
© Kugler Publications, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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