Genetics of POAG in Greece


Anastasios G. P. Konstas

John Samples

Mary K. Wirtz

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A small village in Greece, Taxiarchis, provides a unique window into studying primary open angle glaucoma (POAG). While the nearest major city, Thessaloniki, has a similar prevalence of POAG to the rest of Europe (2.7%), POAG is much higher in Taxiarchis (12%). The prevalence of a disease, such as POAG, can be influenced by isolation of a population where mutations introduced by a founder can become frequent. A mutation in the GLC1A gene, myocilin (MYOC) Thr377Met is present in approximately half of the villagers in Taxiarchis. This village represents a valuable resource for studying POAG.

Glaucoma Research 2018-2020, pp. 127-132 #9
Edited by: John R. Samples and Paul A. Knepper
© Kugler Publications, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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